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Why Designer Vertical Gardens lead the industry?!

Why Designer Vertical Gardens lead the industry?! - Designer Vertical Gardens

Whilst there are more and more Vertical Garden Suppliers popping up in the market, it's getting harder and harder to know the difference between good quality suppliers, and not so good quality. 

Here's why Designer Vertical Gardens lead the industry in the supply of Artificial Vertical Gardens for indoor and outdoor applications. 

From small beginnings, Designer Vertical Gardens formed as a need to prevent apartment dwellers feeling as if they are missing out on the gardening experience. In a time poor society, customer's needed no maintenance and cried out for a garden or a green wall that didn't take up too much space. 

-Products designed to Australian Standards and manufactured to last 

The Founders of Designer Vertical Gardens, travelled to China to meet with suppliers and develop the best quality Artificial Plants. These Vertical Gardens are not just an off-the-shelf import item. They are manufactured to Australian Standards and built to last in the Australian Sun. No other company offers this high standard of quality and accountability. 

-Product Testing to ensure high quality

Before the product was imported to Australia for sale - the first batch was tested on the front fence of the company owners. Where it still stands to this day (almost 9 years). 

-Increased accountability and management ensuring highest quality products 

Where other companies get complacent with their suppliers - the DVG supply team keep on top of the suppliers to ensure the quality is always to the same standard, and there are no cutting costs. This involves visiting the factories, meeting the workers and ensuring that the highest quality raw materials and plastics are being used to manufacture some divine Artificial Vertical Gardens. 

-Impeccable Customer Service 

Once imported and through Australian Customs, the team are hard at work unloading containers, picking and packing the right hedges for the right customers - to ensure you get them on time, and in good condition.  

It's here where Designer Vertical Gardens really excel. There's a fantastic product, manufactured to specifications as well as an added benefit of great customer service. 

2 Staff Members flew to Sydney, NSW from Melbourne, VIC late one night to deliver a stunning Vertical Garden for a hotel that had an event the next day.

Our team certainly will go above and beyond to ensure you get the Vertical Garden of your dreams, where and when you need it.  


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