Evergreen Artificial Plants - Vacation Vibes All Year Round

Our Client:

The client runs a high-end bar and cocktail venue in South Yarra. Purchasing a brand-new building for refurbishing, the client wants to create a luxury place in the city for people to socialise.

The Project:

Deploying products that can be installed quickly and can last years, the client wanted to recreate their spaces with artificial greenery. The client looked forward to refurbishing their brand-new building to create insta-worthy “selfie photo walls” and a holiday-themed resort space for the visitors to create lasting memories. Furthermore, the artificial greenery should be durable enough to handle people splashing drinks and leaning against them.

With holiday periods closing in, the client wanted a quick turnaround on their dull receptions and gathering areas.

The Solution:

After closely discussing the client’s requirements, the Designer Vertical Gardens team offered a wide range of solutions from our exclusive collection of ultra-real life-like artificial wall panels.

For the seating/ lounging area with sofas, the client shortlisted an artificial flower wall panel with faux pink flowers to add a touch of glamour and create a stunning flower backdrop to lift up the space. Our team and the client finalised the stunning lush spring panel to beautify the sundeck that hosts a few teardrop-shaped hanging swings. Facing towards the large set of windows, the collection of superb ferns, faux grasses, and Buxus foliage offers you an evergreen setting that requires negligible maintenance.

The client was extremely satisfied with the quality of the products and their life-like appearance. Furthermore, our team completed the entire installation within a few week’s notice, offering a fantastic turnaround time. Wrapping it all up at an approximate cost of $25,000, the client was delighted with how the entire project turned out.