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Installing Artificial Vertical Garden Panels to make a property more attractive to prospective buyers

Artificial vertical gardens can define space, create privacy, and add beauty to a home's landscape. With greenery being one of the most talked-about topics in recent times, many homeowners are looking for ways to incorporate it into their home design and decor due to the superb outlook it can bring. They believe it is a fantastic feature that adds value to the home.

Our Client

We worked with a landscaping company to improve the look and feel of a house in Hugo St NSW. Their client, a homeowner, intended to sell the property and were seeking ways to enhance the beauty of their property and quickly prepare the home for sale (and increase the home's sale price)!

In lieu of the pandemic, they were unsure when it would sell, so they were looking for something they didn't need to maintain but would look great for a long time. Being an expert in making a space more attractive by altering the existing design, the landscaping company opted to use Artificial Vertical Garden Panels to create permanent and no-maintenance beauty.

The Project

They wanted to give the place a visual makeover to make the two-storey house with five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a bland exterior sellable. The plan was to redesign the space to be more appealing but still match the interior design of the house. 

The Product

After checking out the area and presenting our wide range of artificial vertical garden designs, they chose the Vista Green Artificial Vertical Garden Panel.

Vista Green Panel is a lush, foliage-filled artificial vertical garden that provides an artistic backdrop to any indoor or outdoor space. With an elegant selection of burgundy grasses, white flowers, and green leaves, this lifelike vertical garden adds the perfect amount of greenery to any commercial or domestic space.

This artificial green wall is one of the most lifelike and natural-looking ones available. The artificial stems blend perfectly with the foliage to create an illusion of natural plants growing on a vertical surface. These panels are perfect for adding some greenery to an office, retail space, or home.

The Solution

The pandemic forced the homeowner to consider several factors when renovating the home. With the intent of selling the property, the owner wanted to avoid any additional expenses and ensure the outlook didn’t deteriorate if it wasn’t maintained. Installing artificial plants was a cost-effective solution because they did not require regular maintenance.

Faux greenery is a powerful solution that can quickly transform a home without any renovation fees.

If you're looking to sell your home and want to improve its curb appeal without breaking the bank, contact us, and we will provide you with options to make it happen.

Customer: Landscape company in New South Wales

Budget: less than $2000

Product and Service: Installation of Vista Green Artificial Vertical Garden / Fake Green Wall 100cm x 100cm UV Resistant