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Artificial Hanging / Draping Tradescantia Zebrina 42cm

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Infuse your space with the effortless elegance of our faux Tradescantia zebrina hanging plants, perfect for adding a touch of greenery without any maintenance.

  • Lifelike variegated leaves mimic the authentic Tradescantia zebrina, enhancing decor with their vibrant green and silvery-white hues.

  • Durable and maintenance-free, these artificial plants remain evergreen, requiring no watering, pruning, or sunlight.

  • Versatile decoration ideal for busy individuals, perfect for office spaces, homes, or any area that needs a splash of nature’s charm.

Artificial Hanging / Draping Tradescantia Zebrina 42cm

vinHanging Artificial Bush: Tradescantia Zebrina

Enhance your living space with the everlasting beauty of our artificial Tradescantia zebrina hanging plant. These meticulously crafted replicas boast the lush, variegated foliage of the classic ‘Wandering Jew’ plant, without any of the upkeep. Each strand is thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of the real plant, with a cascade of green leaves streaked with silvery-white and deep purple undertones. Ideal for home decor, office spaces, or any area needing a touch of greenery, these plants provide a natural look and feel, free from watering and maintenance. Their durable construction ensures a long-lasting, vibrant display, perfect for draping over shelves, or ledges, or creating a botanical focal point in your room. Add a touch of nature’s elegance to your environment with these delightful artificial Tradescantia zebrina hanging plants.

Details of the hanging bush:

Width of plant: 30-40cm.
Weight: 300 grams approx.
Usage: Indoor