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Bulk Screw, Washer & Plug Kit (Timber, Drywall And Plaster) 100 Pack

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Your green wall has arrived; now, with these handy screw, plug and washer kits, you can properly maintain it. Simply line up the screw and washer and screw straight in to install your green wall.

✔️ Perfect for timber, plaster, composite material or MDF.
✔️ Estimate of around 6-10 per panel for secure fixing.
✔️ Great value set of screws, washers and wall plugs

Bulk Screw, Washer & Plug Kit (Timber, Drywall And Plaster) 100 Pack

2.7cm screw/plug & 3cm washer green wall install kit – 100 pack.

So you’ve decided to install your Artificial Vertical Garden yourself? Designer Plants recommends using our screw, plug, and washer kit to firmly attach your green wall panel.

  • The washer is perfectly sized to grip your artificial green wall panel to secure it directly onto your fence or wall.
  • Screw designed to snugly fit the washer (please note the 2.7cm screw may protrude through thin timber, so two washers could be used, or alternatively ensure it goes into a timber beam, or something solid).
  • Perfect for attaching to timber, plaster, MDF, plastic or composite materials.

This absolutely great value pack is perfect for anyone wanting screws, wall plugs and washers at a great price – even if not using them for your Designer Plants Green Wall you will find they are cheaper then basically anwyhere else!