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Guide in building your Hanging Window Boxes using Artificial Plants

Guide in building your Hanging Window Boxes using Artificial Plants - Designer Vertical Gardens

Do you love the look of flowers blooming out of window planter boxes but don’t have enough time to maintain a lovely plant? You can still achieve a good-looking design in your window planter by having an artificial plant. You might be thinking that artificial ones are not that good-looking but let me tell you that technology has come a long, long way and was able to produce faux but has an amazingly realistic texture.

hanging artificial plants for window

ARTIFICIAL PLANTS in window boxes are a gorgeous technique to add shading and style to your home's exterior. They are versatile, as you can pick any style, plant or flowers that you like. The good thing with artificial plants in window boxes is once you installed it, they’ll stay secure on your house all year round. PLUS you don’t have to get your hands dirty. To get you started here’s some EASY and helpful guide & tips you can use:


Before choosing a type of window box or plant, you need to get a sense of your space’s constraints and advantages at your home.  You can utilize the darker spots, as well, by choosing plants/flowers that flourish in shades.

artificial plants

TIP: Since you are going to use an artificial plant, make sure that your home décor and design will not be compromised. Be sure you go for one that elegantly redefines your space.


Window boxes can keep things fascinating and can light up any structure. You could even arrange your window box to blend with the exterior design and color. Window boxes give an incredible chance to include enthusiasm consistently and highlight the changes.


They can even be an advantageous expansion to a kitchen if you use them to plant herbs or vegetables. To hang a window box on your home, you can utilize mounting sections or vinyl siding snares.

Artificial window box planter

TIP: Re-planting with occasional plants, will truly give that amazing variable and guarantee that your window boxes and building look stunning all year.


Be sure to think about how you want your artificial garden to look. Possibly you need brilliant blooms, or perhaps you're more into a minimalist style. Maybe you need short plants for a window box that won't hinder your view. Incorporate these aesthetic choices into your map.

You'll likewise need to blend various sorts of plants to keep the space intriguing. This thought holds for developing various plants in a similar pot if space permits.

artificial plants for windows

Tip: A decent rule for planning lovely individual holders is: "spine chiller, filler, and spiller." First, pick something that develops tall and ostentatious; second, include something that fills the level space of the compartment; and lastly base it out with something that overflows the sides.

(Looking for a guide to choose the best realistic faux plants? Click here


As the same as some other new experience, designing & developing an artificial garden is challenging. It's a smart idea to look for an expert to give you advice along the way. There are also online videos to assist in designing & choosing the right artificial plants.

artificial plants expert

Free yourself from the stress of maintaining filthy & withered plants! Grab your ARTIFICIAL Hanging Window NOW!


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