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How to care for artificial plants in Summer?

How to care for artificial plants in Summer? - Designer Vertical Gardens

Artificial greenery is increasingly getting popular among Australians to help eliminate the lack of greenery in urban living spaces. The low-maintenance artificial gardens offer timeless beauty to any commercial and residential property. However, artificial greenery requires a little bit of maintenance to survive the Australian summers.

December, January, and February are the three hottest months of the year in Australia. The heat, the flies, the red skies, and the cool summer drinks are all part of the Australian summer. However, if you have invested in artificial plants and trees, a few more things will be part of your summer experience. A little attention to your faux plant and flowering arrangement will keep them looking attractive for years. So, here are a few tips for taking care of fake plants in Australia during summer.

If your fake plants are not UV-resistant, you should keep them under a shade or large umbrella or you can invest in a UV protection spray. It will prevent artificial plants and flowers from fading and add years to their timeless beauty.


Invest in Only High-Quality UV-Resistant Plants

To enjoy the beauty of artificial greenery for a long time, you should invest in high-quality artificial plants and trees. Poorly manufactured faux plants can hardly survive direct exposure to UV rays; they fade and lose their original charm. Investing in high-quality UV-resistant plants would be the best idea.

Artificial palm trees, bamboo, Cypress pine trees, and snake plants are some of the most adorable UV-resistant artificial plants available online. The faux plants are made from the finest quality raw materials and can withstand harsh Australian summers for years. The UV-resistant materials won’t let the plants’ original look fade for many summers. If you are buying artificial plants for outdoor use, make sure they are UV-resistant.

Use a UV Protection Spray for Artificial Plants

If you have already created a beautiful outdoor space using artificial greenery without considering whether it’s UV-resistant, then you can protect it using a UV Protection Spray. It will not be as good of a solution as buying UV-resistant plants but provide the protection necessary for preserving the beauty of your faux plants. A quality UV protection spray can add months or even years of timeless appeal to your artificial plants and trees.

Before you apply the spray, you should properly clean the artificial plants. Remove all the dust and dirt from your plants and apply the spray as instructed.

Rotate Your Faux Plants Regularly

Rotating your faux plants regularly will minimise the effect of UV exposure on your artificial plants. If one side faces the window and stays exposed to direct sunlight then rotate it the next month and let the other side absorb those damaging rays.

faux plants

You can also switch places of your faux plants around the house. You can also change them seasonally to minimise the fading. Switching places to keep your artificial plant will protect them from the sun and will also allow you to have a new home decor now and then.

Keep Them Clean

Building up dust and dirt can cause your fake plants to fade before time. Clean your artificial greenery regularly, especially during the summer months. You will not need advanced accessories and cleaning materials, only a feather duster, a hairdryer set on cool, compressed air, and a wet cloth will be sufficient. If you use a wet cloth for cleaning, let the faux plants' air dry properly. To remove all the dust and dirt from the leaves, use a feather duster.

Cleaning your artificial plants not only keeps them looking attractive but also extends their life. Although artificial plants do not need heavy maintenance, regular cleaning helps you maintain the aesthetics.

Keeping the Direct Exposure to the Sunlight to the Minimum

If possible, place the artificial plants where they receive minimal exposure to direct sunlight. Select areas where they do not get full sunlight throughout the day. For outdoors, you can use shades to protect the artificial greenery. For indoor faux plants, choose spots where live plants won’t grow due to the lack of sunlight.

10 Best Summer Artificial Plants

To give an aesthetically perfect look to your exterior or interior, you can choose from a wide range of summer artificial plants from Designer Vertical Gardens. Here is the list of our top favourite summer artificial plants.

Outdoor Artificial Trees:

  1. UV Resistant Cypress Pine Tree
  2. Artificial Parlour Palm Tree

Small Plants:

  1. Mixed White Flowering Potted Artificial Pansy Plants
  2. Flowering White Artificial Tulip Plant Arrangement With a Ceramic Bowl
  3. Decorative Potted Dense Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig

Hanging Plants:

  1. Hanging Artificial Bougainvillea Plant
  2. Nearly Natural Artificial Philodendron Hanging Bush

Artificial Flower Arrangements

  1. Artificial White Rose Garland
  2. Premium Faux Hydrangea
  3. Large Multi-Stem White Potted Faux

Why Invest In Artificial Plants?

You should invest in superior-quality UV-resistant artificial plants and trees. If your faux greenery is not UV-resistant, then buy a quality UV protection spray for artificial greenery, which you should apply regularly after cleaning the fake plants. Cleaning fake plants and trees is easy by using a feather duster, a hairdryer set on cool, compressed air, and a wet cloth. Keeping them protected from direct sunlight during the summer will extend the life of your faux plants.

Designer Vertical Gardens offers a wide range of artificial plants, trees, green walls and flower walls. Our extensive collection of summer plants maintains their original charm for years with the tips mentioned above. You can enjoy beautiful faux greenery all year round with these few essential caring tips. Browse through our collection and place an order for your favourite artificial plants and trees today.

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