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How To Make Fake Plants UV Resistant

How To Make Fake Plants UV Resistant - Designer Vertical Gardens

Make Your Artificial Plants UV-resistant and Maintain their Beauty

Botanically correct artificial plants are one of the best ways to enjoy the luxury of greenery around us without any maintenance work. Premium faux plants can instantly enhance the aesthetic value of any space and deliver visual joy. However, the only downside of fake plants is the colour fading over a period when you keep them outside. To make your fake plants UV-resistant and protect them during the shiniest months, you only need to keep a few things in mind.

If you are buying artificial plants for the outdoors, keep in mind that you should seek our fake plants with a genuine UV coating & built-in UV inhibitors, as it helps preserve the original look and feel of your artificial plants. If you buy faux plants without coating or have already purchased them, then there is nothing to worry about, as delaying their fading process is easy.

It is important to be careful of artificial plant suppliers who claim plants are UV resistant, simply because they want your sale. To genuinely be UV resistant they must have at least a surface protection, but ideally inhibitors built in, such as our green walls, and UV plants.

Things to Consider to Make Your Faux Plants UV-resistant and Prevent Fading:

Cleaning the Dust:

Regular maintenance is vital to preserving the beauty of your artificial plants. You should regularly clean the dust from leaves and stems using a feather duster. Dusting not only makes fake plants look flawless instantly but increases their life span in the long run. You can use a hair dryer or compressed air to clear the dust from hard-to-reach areas.

Fake Plants UV-resistant


Periodically cleaning your artificial outdoor plants using a quality artificial plant cleaner is essential. Dust particles that are hard to be removed with mere dusting can be easily removed using an artificial plant cleaner. You can use the cleaner for stems, flowers and even corners of leaves. Invest in an eco-friendly and non-toxic artificial plant cleaner.

UV Protection:

UV protection spray is the most effective way to protect artificial plants outdoors that may not already have UV protection. For maximum protection, apply UV protection spray to all parts of the plant. You must ensure that you cover all parts of the plant while spraying, making your plants look visually pleasing for a long time.

Artificial Plants & Furniture UV Protection SprayArtificial Plants & Furniture UV Protection Spray

It’s essential to note that thoroughly dusting off the surface of your artificial plants is essential before applying the UV protection spray. It would help if you sprayed fake plants from top to bottom,, uniformly covering the plant.

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